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LApm9 posted this 24 October 2022. I had a puzzling experience with my .45-70 reduced loads today and would appreciate any analysis of the situation that you may be able to offer. The bullet vendor offered a table of loads supposedly supplied by Lyman. The bullet is said to be Lyman #457130 (150 gr.)..

45-70 Gov't (Strong Actions Only) Load Data. 300 Grain. Explore the world of Nosler, renowned for crafting the finest bullets, ammunition, rifles, and brass. Discover our extensive lineup, including Partition, AccuBond, E-Tip, Ballistic Tip, Custom Competition, and more. Experience superior quality and performance with Nosler products.Smokeless small rifle powder. Designed for small caliber varmint loads, it meters consistently and meets the needs of the most demanding bench rest shooter. Great in .45-70 and .450 Marlin. The right choice for use in Varmint calibers using light-weight bullets. View All Reloder ® 7 Recipes.The following is the process that I have found to be an effective approach to reloading 45-70 “Black Powder” shells. First let me reiterate that I enjoy the nostalgia of shooting a rifle that is well over a century old. It is kind of like being able to go shooting with my grandfather. I also enjoy the sound, smoke, muzzle blast and recoil followed by a perceptibly delayed …

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R. reloader458. 194 posts · Joined 2009. #4 · Mar 7, 2011. I only use RL-7 for the 45-70 loads. Pile-Driver 525 RL-7 40gr 1615fps Starline cases WLR primers COL 2.557. Hornady 350 FN RL-7 50.5gr 2010fps Starline cases WLR primers COL 2.550. This Velocity is from a 1895GS (18.5 inch barrel) at about 12 feet.A slight bell to the mouth of .45-70 cases (left) prevents shaving the soft heel of the Gould’s bullet. Trimming cases to the same length placed an exact amount of crimp on the bullets. For a deer hunting load, it was a …Black Powder Cartridge News - Published quarterly - Spring, Summer, ... cartridge designation such as .45-70 or .50-90 does not mean a powder charge of 70 or 90 grains. Modern smokeless shooters, used to specific recommended charges in a given caliber, are confused by the way that black powder, being a bulk propellant, is loaded without strict ...A 1 MOA group at 1000 yards with a 45/70 or any black powder cartridge rifle is very impressive and anything less is scary good !!! J E CUSTOM . Last edited: Feb 9, 2018. Reply. Reactions: Deleted member 48126 and HARPERC. C. COBrad Well-Known Member. Joined Jan 4, 2004 Messages 1,813 Location

Feb 4, 2017 · I use Goex 3F and Cartridge in my 45-70 BP loads for my TDs with Lee 45-405-HBs and Rapine 460500s. My bullets are cast of 16-1 and are sized .4615 and lubed with a beeswax/olive oil lube. If you're using the Lee bullet Start at 55V gr (by Volume) and work up to 70V gr in 5V gr increments. The full 70V gr charge is the best in my TDs with both ...But to get started just put between 60 and 70 gr of powder in a primed case. Compress the powder enough so that you can seat the bullet deep enough so that it is almost touching the rifling, seat the bullet and go make smoke. You will find it very adictive. 03-06-2011, 11:41 PM #8. hydraulic. Boolit Master.Black-powder, big-bore rifles are (left to right): a modern Winchester Model 1886 .45-70, original Winchester 1886 .45-90 and an original Marlin Model 1881 .45-70. Back in the heyday of black-powder cartridges – say, from 1865 to 1895 – in order to make rifles hit harder, there were two options: make the calibers bigger or make the ...405 Gr. FPL. Velocity: 1250 FPS. Category: Authentic Cowboy Action. = Tipped MatchKing = New for 2023 = Extreme Low Drag-Match = Extreme Low Drag-eXpanding = Dual Performance.

Oct 25, 2017 · 1Forecon. I have both the IMR4198 and IMR3031 as you mentioned. What my pops used to load in his trapdoor was 3031 with 405gr cast and jacketed. I'm upping the pressures a tad and going with more than the 37.5gr of 3031 he used a lot/me too (a mild 1200-1300fps load).The standard 405-grain projectile that topped the 45-70 when it was new will drop approximately 23 inches at 200 yards with a 70-grain black-powder charge. At 500 yards, the drop is a dramatic 289 inches — 24 feet. By comparison, a modern 150-grain .30-06 projectile will drop 50 inches at 500 yards. ….

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4. 45-70 loads with Titegroup Powder. I have be working up loads in my 45-70 (marlin1895) with Titegroup. Right now I have loaded and shot a 350 gr. cast bullet with 12.5 gr. of Titegroup. Oregon Trail has some loading data for Titegroup in leverguns. I am pleased with the results.The old .45-70 "prison-guard" load with round ball was 40 grains of FFFg black powder, a felt wad and three (!) .457 round balls. If you vary the charge a little bit, the top ball is in perfect position to crimp, slightly more than half way into the case.

Black Powder Cartridge News - Published quarterly - Spring, Summer, ... cartridge designation such as .45-70 or .50-90 does not mean a powder charge of 70 or 90 grains. Modern smokeless shooters, used to specific recommended charges in a given caliber, are confused by the way that black powder, being a bulk propellant, is loaded without strict ...Oct 13, 2021 · The way I see it - there are 2 separate methods for loading black powder cartridges for .45-70 guns. When loading for the 'newer' style barrels (Sharps and Winchesters), bullet diameter to fit the bore is critical, as well as loading the powder charges to get custom accuracy from each individual weapon. Most of the newer style barrels had 4 ...1. 2. Next. Page 1 of 2. Dee Mak Jack, SASS #55905. Members. 681. Gender:Male. Location:Morton, Illinois. SASS# 55905. McLean County Peacemakers. …

washing machine that won I'm just starting to load this cartridge and have noticed quite a wide variance of powder loads for this. I have some reloader 7 that i'd like to use and found some bear creek 360g cast flat nose lead boolits and starline brass.One .45-70 load approximates the performance of the original .45-70 Govt black powder loading of a 405 grain bullet (.307 BC) at 1350 feet per second while the other is a 325gr Hornady LEVERevolution factory load (.230 BC). The .30-06 Springfield load is a 150 grain Nosler Partition (.387 BC) at 3,000 feet per second. old juannykwl aanystwn At around 50 grains per shot that's about 140 cartridges, loaded per pound of powder. At $65 bucks a pound, that works out to about a dime more per shot, than the $40 bucks a pound stuff. The accuracy of Reloader 7, seems worth that bit more money but, …568 posts · Joined 2004. #11 · Nov 15, 2020. I used up a 1000 Winchester LP magnum primers in my 45-70, no issues and in reality you can use them for most 45-70 loads as they are normally used in rounds that make pressures to 40,000 PSI. Not many of us load the 45-70 that hot. Like. char griller legacy side fire box Dec 7, 2018. 19. 4. Jan 16, 2019. #1. I am shooting a Marlin 1895 SBL in .45-70. I just started reloading some of my rounds and started with 325 gr Hornady FTX bullets using H335 starting load 61 grains. Shot them and got the reloading bug. So I went out and bought 300 Gr Jacketed bullets (the only ones the store had left as they were out of ... twitter turk ifsa yenifylm lkhtycoachmenpercent27s lodge bellingham ma Powder: 47.3 gr. 55.0 gr. Vel.: 1,847. 2,142. Press.: 20,300. 23,700. Hodgdon. 250 gr. M-FLEX. (HDY) 0.458" Powder: 2200 (Accurate) Primer: WIN WLR. Case: REM. Trim … gln lookup But buy a lot of powder; it's a big case. Handloading guides for the .45-70 commonly provide at least two different categories of loadings, one for 19th-century-design firearms and replicas, the other for stronger, modern arms like the post-1973 Marlin Model 1895 or Browning and Ruger falling-block-type single-shots. snyder crissman funeral home inc kittanning obituariespredatory towing laws oregonturk liseli poeno H335 is an excellent powder and is my "go to" powder for my 52-55 gr jacketed bullet 223/5.56 loads along with 125 - 150 gr jacketed bullets in the 30-30 and 308Ws. With cast, H335 is excellent as long as you have the bullet mass and pressure level so it ignites and burns efficiently. With your 45-70 loads that's where you are.